Customer Affinity

29 07 2006

Another aspect of customer affinity is the ability to collaborate with domain experts. I don’t think that detailed knowledge of the domain is an important thing for programmers to have; useful yes, but not important. What’s more critical than knowledge is the ability to collaborate with those that have the knowledge.

So, if you are building medical software, you don’t need doctors who can program; you need programmers who can talk to doctors.




One response

29 07 2006

I wouldn’t say that it’s critical that a programmer starts out knowing a domain before writing systems for it, and I wouldn’t suggest spending time learning a domain before writing software in that domain, but I do think that if a programmer can accrete domain knowledge, then s/he is more valuable as time goes on.

To that point, a programmer who dwells in a particular domain for a period of years is more valuable on a project than a dilletante who prefers to explore new problem spaces with each system s/he works on.

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