Eclipse: Binding objectContribution Actions to Keys Doesn’t Work

13 09 2006

I have some objectContribution actions in a plugin that I want to bind to the keyboard for quick access. This turns out to be impossible (Bug 32979) and I’m kind of pissed about it. Not so much that I can’t implement the key binding; I can work around that. What pisses me off is that the you can set up the action, the command, the binding, and run the plugin and Eclipse doesn’t make a peep. In fact, it appears to work. The popup menu will display the mapped key binding; users can change it; life should be grand.

“Ha Ha! You fool!” Eclipse says. “Now waste your time reading the spec*crap*ular Eclipse help trying to figure out what you fucked up!”

Of course, you didn’t fuck anything up. Eclipse just doesn’t swing that way.

Look. I can dig it if there isn’t time to implement this feature. But this bug’s been there for three years. Maybe it’s time to stick a little heads up in the documentation. You know, put it in the org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus next to the description of the objectContribution configuration mark-up. Something like if you’re trying to bind key to objectContributions, bzzzzzt! Wrong answer should suffice. Hell, if you wanted to, you could even throw an exception when someone tries such a mapping, but let’s not get crazy here.




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