Resume Interpretation

27 09 2006

Simple rules for interpreting tech resumes, Java edition. Link.

Resume Pattern Interpretation
“Java” appears exactly once on the resume, towards the end of the “languages I know” section. Doesn’t know Java.
Java 5, Eclipse/IntelliJ, Ant, log4j, JavaCC, ANTLR Probably knows Java pretty well.
Implemented a JVM, a Java compiler, a world-famous Java app or class library, or a new JVM language. Almost certainly an exceptional Java programmer.
Has used Java for everything they’ve ever done, starting in Grade School. Probably doesn’t know Java very well.
“J2EE” or “EJB” appears more than once in the resume. Doesn’t know Java.
Utilized my strong communication skills enabling me to be a key team player on a major project involving Java. Round File.

What lessons can we generalize from this Highly Accurate Summary? Well:

  • Knowing Java well involves knowing a lot more than just Java.
  • Working on Java teaches you more about Java than working in it.
  • Huge “enterprise” frameworks cause brain rot.



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