RDT Issues: Syntax Highlighting and TracTickets Edition

18 10 2006

Syntax Highlighting is a snob – Ruby syntax highlighting seems to have some hard coded constraints on what file types it will actually highlight. I have some custom scripts that don’t use file extensions and some not so custom scripts (*.gemspec) that I have associated with the Ruby editor, but syntax highlighting continues to ignore those files. It would be nice if syntax highlighting would just work on whatever file was currently in the Ruby editor, regardless of file extension.

TracTickets – The reason I’m griping to lazyweb instead of quietly reporting a bug is because I can’t figure out how to report this issue to the RDT devs. I’ve logged into the TracWiki, but I see no option for creating a new ticket, and any attempt to navigate to the newticket URL is roundly rebuked. There are tickets in the system, so someone’s entering them. If one of those magically gifted folk could drop by and tell me how I screwed up, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, and so this post doesn’t come off as too negative, RDT is a fine product. Keep up the good work and all that…




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