JRuby: SwingUtilities#invoke_block_later

5 05 2007

Ruby and Blocks go together like chocolate and peanut butter. With JRuby, you can use blocks to solve old Java problems in new and interesting ways. Earlier this week, while scripting a Swing client, we found that some of our code would generate exceptions from the AWT Thread. I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds like a job for invokeLater.” We thought so too, except, what we really wanted to do was pass a block to invokeLater. Here’s what we came up with:

class BlockRunner < java.lang.Thread
  def initialize(&proc)
    @p = proc
  def run

SwingUtils = javax.swing.SwingUtilities

def SwingUtils.invoke_block_later(&proc)
  r = BlockRunner.new &proc
  invoke_later r

This code creates BlockRunner, which extends java.lang.Thread. BlockRunner is initialized by passing a block to new. The block is wrapped in a Proc object, which is called when the BlockRunner thread is executed. The SwingUtils#invoke_block_later method instantiates a new BlockRunner, which is passed to #invoke_later.

A call to #invoke_block_later might look like this:

SwingUtils.invoke_block_later do
  some_widget.text = 'blah'

Nothing here is particularly earth-shattering. There may even be a better way to this. What’s cool is that, in a very few lines of code, we were able to create an elegant solution to our problem. A solution that looks familiar to Java programmers, while not looking out of place in a Ruby program.




One response

19 11 2010

This seems more like “invoke block in its own thread” than invokelater…

These days I think you can just call invokeLater directly, like
SwingUtilities.invoke_later {
# stuff

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