The Year of the Developer

15 01 2008

Well, it’s time I dusted off the ol’ blog software. Last year was a tad trying, but now I’m feeling reinvigorated. The coming year at work looks so promising, we’ve dubbed it the year of the developer. Most of our architecture initiatives have been approved.

From a personal stand point, I’m feeling the Ruby love return, big time. I recently had to write some extensions to an that would allow it run stand alone and detached from database. Man, Ruby is powerful.

Looks there are some JRuby projects coming up at work this year, but, more importantly, I’m feeling really motivated to get back into the JRuby community. Rcov4j is still languishing and , with all the JIT stuff in JRuby now, I don’t even know if there’s an interest in such a project. As I understand it, there are still some problems reporting accurate line numbers from JRuby. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

So, on with the year of the developer.




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