Jackrabbit.rar + Glassfish + Windows == Frustration

30 04 2008

There’s not a whole hell of a lot I can do about the platform I’m
stuck deploying on. Right now I wouldn’t recommend deploying the
jackrabbit.rar to a Glassfish Server running on Windows.

I’m using jackrabbit version 1.4. So far, I’ve gotten pas a few

* Once the rar’s been downloaded, crack it open using 7z or WinRAR or
something. Then crack open the nekohtml.jar and rename the LICENSE
file to LICENSE.txt (or something).

* Download jcr-1.0.jar and copy it to the Glassfish lib directory.

* Then you should be able to follow this post from the jackrabbit
mailing list.

Everything seems great, but every time I grab this Jackrabbit instance
from my servlet using JNDI, I get an error. Jackrabbit won’t create the
session because it’s already locked by another process.

I’m not going to give up on this, but I’ve get to get something
running by the weekend. For now, I’m just going to embed the
jackrabbit stuff in my servlet. If anyone has any ideas, leave a




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