Time’s Making Changes

26 06 2008

What could be so stupendous as to merit sharing a title with The Best of Tesla?

The paperwork is finally done and everything is official, so I guess I can talk about it. I’ve got a new job with Collaborative Software Initiative. I start the first full week in July. I’m really excited. This is going to be a big change for me in a lot of ways.

First of all, since the company’s in Portland and I’m not, I’ll be working from home. People like to talk about the ups and downs of working from home: how you can never get away from work that way; how it’s hard to keep your personal life and your work separate; how you’re going to miss human contact. I think those people are jealous or nuts. When I’ve gotten to work from home in the past, it has ruled. I really think I’m going to eat it up.

The client is in Utah (well, the client is Utah), so I will be traveling a scosh, which I’ve never done. I’m looking forward to getting to see new places, but this is the aspect of the job that has me the most anxious. Since my daughter’s birth, I don’t think I’ve ever been away from her longer then twenty-four hours.

The product is a JRuby on Rails application, and it’s being developed in a lean/agile manner. I’ve been looking for a chance to work in an environment that was Ruby, or Smalltalk, and was agile. I’m not as fond of Java (the language) as I used to be, and my current company just doesn’t seem to be ready for agile development (if this post is any indicator).

The product is open source (or will be soon). This represents a huge change for me. A few months ago, I don’t think I appreciated how important this would be to me. Back then, I was trying to set up a talk about some work I had done in our software using JRuby for eRubyCon. I thought it would be a good talk and fit right into the eRubyCon concept. I was eventually shut down because there was concern amongst the powers-that-be that I would be exposing too much of our architecture and we’d be giving up a competitive advantage.  That was when I realized that I’m an open source guy, and I need to be making my living writing open source.

That is lot of change for one guy with a family to feed to make. I feel like I should be nervous. I’m not. I’m excited and I can’t wait to get started.




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26 06 2008

Welcome to the team Ryan. We can’t wait for you to start! You’ll love it – we do software as it was intended to be.



27 06 2008

That’s pretty exciting stuff Ryan — congrats and good luck.

One note of potential irony is that ages ago (’99 or ’00?) the Former Employer bought into XP (which is a flavor of agile, yes?) heavily, buying everyone books, getting a consultant to come in and yammer, and designing a room to be lined by bulletin boards to hold “story cards” that could be thumbtacked up (this room reeked because the bulletin boards were moldy or something).

This was before the current regime on the Dev side, of course.

27 06 2008


Also: dontcha wonder what it would have been like if we had just fixed the broken XP instead of throwing it out and replacing it with chaos? I do.

30 06 2008

Congrats Ryan!

Working from home is definitely enjoyable. However as your daughter gets older she’ll want to see what daddy’s doing 🙂 I’m sure it won’t impact your ability to get stuff done but you will end up smiling a lot 🙂

I to am doing a JRuby on Rails enterprise app. (It’s actually a collection of JRuby on rails apps and some JRuby apps) I’m really enjoying it. While I really like Ruby. The JRuby team has made life a lot easier (IMHO)

Anyway again congrats!
And this sprint I got time from my company to help work on RCov if you still want some help. I need to get RCov into our CI environment so now that I have the code I’ll peek at it (I noticed that you checked some stuff in the other day)

3 07 2008

Thanks, Jay! I can’t believe it, but I’ll be starting Monday. Crazy.

As for Rcov, yes, help would be greatly appreciated. I checked in some updates that take advantage JRuby annotations. Now I’m concentrating on the call events coming from jruby. I haven’t put the debugger on it yet, but it looks like some call events simply don’t happen. That would account for at least a couple of unit test failures for certain.

I’m also hoping that I’ll have more time and energy to devote to this, since after today, JRuby won’t just be a hobby anymore.

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