First, that guy staring out from the banner image is Vinnie. He’s a little terrier that we rescued a few weeks ago. When we got him, he had a cigar burn on his back. Now, I don’t know what kind of a-hole extinguishes his cigar on a dog, but he must be a real bad-ass if he went after a 15-pound silky.

But I’m not here to belittle animal-abusers (as fun as that is), I’m here to talk about programming. See, that’s what I do. I program. I am ‘Ryan the Programmer’. I design, arrange and sell programs. My latest work can be seen in TriSano. It’s a cool app, especially if you’re a public health person. Even if you’re not, there’s some nice Rails stuff going on in there. Check it out.

I generally use this space to write about stuff I learn when I’m programming. I think it’s helpful for me to have Google index that kind of stuff. And sometimes it helps others get over the hump on stuff. That’s good too.


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