Rcov Update For JRuby 1.1.4

31 08 2008

Just a quick post. An update that makes rcov compatible with JRuby 1.1.4 has been released. Here’s the announcement on the user’s list. Again, I’d like to commend Jay on his work on this. I really have not had the time to work on this at all, and Jay is the only reason anything has been released at all. Thanks Jay!


Rcov for JRuby Gem Available

31 07 2008

It’s been a long time coming, but, thanks to Jay, who’s really kicked some ass to make this happen, the long suffering Rcov port to JRuby finally is bearing fruit. The first gem is now available.

There are a few known issues. Performance isn’t that great. And there is some slight variation between what Rcov reports in JRuby vs. MRI. But Jay’s been using it in his build environment, and so should you. So go ahead and grab the gem and help us make it great!

Rcov for JRuby Update

19 03 2008

It works well in simple cases. Running from Rake doesn’t work. Running rcov from rspec doesn’t work yet, either.

There are 13 unit tests that fail (12 failures and 1 error). The failures are mostly minor differences in output between MRI and JRuby. The big old up now is the one error. It appears to be a bug in the reset code. Once data collection starts, calling reset clears the callected data (desirable) and prevents new data from being collection (less desirable). I think that’s why running rcov from rspec fails.

Sorry About Rcov4j

19 09 2007

I had, up until a two months ago, been working on a Rcov port for JRuby. Well, work killed me last month. I have been taking it easy this month, recharging my battery. I must be feeling better though, because I’ve started thinking about that working on that project again.

Rcov JRuby Port, Update

28 07 2007

The rcov port to JRuby is coming along nicely. Just a handful of rcov’s unit tests aren’t passing, and most of those seem to be due to source position bugs in JRuby.

Coolness Deferred

12 07 2007

Well crap! Sometimes things don’t work out how you planned. I was hoping to have Rcov ported to JRuby by the end of the week, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. The main problem is that the SCRIPT_LINES__ constant isn’t implemented in JRuby. Since RCov depends on that, it kind of throws a wrench in the works (here’s the JIRA issue). So, on to plan B: creating a SCRIPT_LINES__ patch for JRuby.

UPDATE: I think the JRuby guys are working on this whole SCRIPT_LINES__ thing. Those guys rock.