Run IE in VirtualBox

20 01 2009

I tweeted this earlier today, but decided to blog it too. Here is an excellent screen cast on running IE (well, Windows too) in VirtualBox. Since the vhd’s are from Windows, and for the express purpose of cross browser testing, I’m assuming everything is above board.

A couple of notes: The screen cast is for OS X, but everything worked fine on Ubuntu. I just did a couple of things differently. I used wine to extract the exe’s, rather then 7zip. I also received a funky error from VirtualBox when I tried to run the image, but the error description told me exactly how to fix it.

The last thing I’ll note is that many comenters had problems w/ VirtualBox 2.1.0, so stick to 2.0.6.


Run Skype on Ubuntu 8.04

13 01 2009

I’ve had Skype working on Ubuntu for a while, but I thought I’d blog it so it would be easier to find if I had to do it again.

To get Skype, I just downloaded the Ubuntu bundle from Skype’s site. Or you can go and checkout their other linux downloads.

For the record, I was not having trouble making calls. Once I was on a call, dialing numbers produced funny echo sounds on the line. This made it impossible to participate in conference calls because I couldn’t navigate phone trees.

Here’s how I fixed it:

Get the pulseaudio-utils.

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-utils

Then, run skype through padsp.

padsp skype

That is all.

Ubuntu Bug #1

8 06 2007

It may be that I’m just late to the party on this, but it made me laugh. For a second. Then I went back to being pissed that Java 6 can’t link on Ubuntu. Dammit!

Ubuntu 7.04 Update Results

24 04 2007

Last week, I updated to Ubuntu 7.04 (I refuse to refer to it as Feisty Fawn… uh, again). I was really happy with how it went. The update process pretty much drove itself. I only had to take notes when it overwrote my blacklist (more on that in a second). Nothing broke. I didn’t have to wrangle ATI drivers, or adjust my resolution, or edit my X Windows settings. Nothing. Well, I did have to go and re-blacklist the pc speaker (damn speaker, with all your beeping). There should be a way for you to merge the new file with your existing file during the upgrade process.